For providers across approximately half of the U.S., the “smart development of healthcare” is dictated by state Certificate of Need laws that require varying levels of approval for expanding services. In many cases, the pursuit of service or facility expansion – either to grow a system or to thwart the growth efforts of competitors – becomes a political campaign to be won or lost. The regulators are listening to and influenced by not just the feasibility studies, financial data and need analysis, but also by the stakeholders who have a trusted opinion on the matter. The most effective CON cases are won or lost based in part on provider’s ability to navigate the politics at hand, engage smartly with stakeholders and bring forth a compelling case with an army of advocates in tow.


How We Help

  • Conduct research and political due diligence of the environment
  • Develop and execute of a campaign strategy and plan
  • Develop of a message platform and communications tools
  • Identify and train spokespeople
  • Mobilize grassroots
  • Develop grasstops strategies

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