Once a health system partnership transaction closes, the real work begins. A critical step is smart planning to integrate the best of each organization’s approach to communications. It starts with a clear understanding of what current structures, tools and resources exist at each organization and how effective each have been historically. Oftentimes, as part of this work, the communications team is also the captain of defining a new, single culture and message platform to position the new system internally and externally with key stakeholders. With a baseline from the past and a sense for leadership’s vision for tomorrow, communications leaders must chart a path to create an integrated department, approach, message and plan to carry the health system into the future.


How We Help

  • Audit communication departments of both organizations
  • Audit culture of both organizations
  • Develop plan for designing the department of the future
  • Develop an Integration Playbook (including communications policies, brand standards, etc.)
  • Develop plans for creating a single culture
  • Define the message platform for the new organization

Communications and Marketing Integration

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