Finalizing a merger, strategic partnership or growth strategy is a significant moment in the life of a health system. Just when it seems like the hard part is completed, the real work begins: integration of the newly merged or partnered organizations. Growth is exciting. But it also means significant change for an organization’s many stakeholders. We know first-hand that health system partnerships live – and die – by the integration of their cultures. The bedrock of integration efforts is a single unified message and communications platform through which the two organizations can see themselves as one truly integrated system. Only after successful integration, can the partnership be successful and achieve overall business goals.


How We Help

  • Establish communications and overall cultural integrations plans
  • Audit existing communications programs, vehicles and resources
  • Audit cultures of each organization
  • Build new communications programs
  • Establish new vehicles and resources
  • Build new mission, vision and values
  • Develop communications playbook, policies and guidelines
  • Train communications leaders
  • Identify and engage all stakeholders
  • Establish measures of success
  • Manage reputation building and strategic positioning

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