In today’s healthcare environment, scalability and collaboration are keys to an organization’s growth. Partnerships between healthcare organizations are unlike any other business transaction. Whether it’s an acquisition, partnership, joint venture, the development of an ACO or other collaboration – each is a delicate dance with no room for missteps.

Based on experience, we understand that the more aligned the merging or partnering health systems are, the faster they are able to achieve the operational, clinical and financial goals that ignited the partnership in the first place. With our work in more than $45 billion in announced M&A and partnership transaction communications, we are prepared to help navigate through the most complicated collaborations to ensure a successful outcome.


How We Help

  • Create a campaign strategy
  • Align leadership
  • Assess vulnerabilities
  • Develop message platform and partnership/growth communications
  • Initiate and encourage stakeholder engagement
  • Navigate regulatory approvals
  • Manage reputation enhancement (as necessary) for strategic positioning
  • Serve as campaign manager

Strategic Partnerships and Growth Strategies

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