Advocacy Efforts: Leveraging Your Trust Advantage

Advocacy Efforts

Opportunity and momentum. Providers have both today, thanks to the massive trust you’ve earned through the pandemic.  Now’s the time to use it to better your position and address key issues.

Whether it’s bringing patients back through your doors, encouraging influenza (and eventually COVID-19) vaccinations, quelling workforce concerns or positioning your organization to secure vital funding, you need a partner to develop campaigns that deliver meaningful results.

We can help.

Our team of experienced strategists builds winning advocacy efforts, savvy government relations campaigns and effective healthcare communications. We work alongside you to capitalize on openings to accelerate positive change.

Payer Contracts

Payer Contracts

Government Funding

Federal Funding



Safety Campaigns

Safety Campaigns

Opportunities to seize now

Based on our recent national survey with Public Opinion Strategies, we’ve identified the following opportunities to consider today.

  1. Jump in front of the COVID-19 vaccine

With almost half of consumers and healthcare workers reporting they’re unlikely to get a vaccine, there’s serious work to be done now. How will your organization evaluate the future vaccine, establish criteria for endorsing it, mandate it, have a point of view and essentially talk about it inside and out?

COVID-19 Vaccine Graph
Get the talk right internally
  1. Get the talk right internally

About half of Americans still feel unsafe accessing care. Chillingly, the number’s even higher for healthcare workers. Yet clinicians are your most trusted healthcare voices. Do they know what you’re doing to keep them and patients safe? Ensure your message is heard through the noise.

Better Payer Contracts
  1. Score better payer contracts

With a 30-point advantage in trust over payers, healthcare providers can leverage their goodwill to pursue better contracts. Successful negotiations require a proactive, thoughtful and sustained approach with strategic communications at the core.

Government Funding Graph
  1. Win in additional government funding

A clear majority of consumers are in favor of more federal funding for providers – and likely feels the same about local, state and other funding sources. Is your GR or strategy team leaning into the moment with a compelling story and pointed asks? Do you have the right relationships with officials? Are you going after all that’s available to your organization?

What our clients are saying…

“We engaged in direct outreach to our federal and state representatives so they understood our organization’s COVID-19 financial reality. The efforts yielded millions of dollars in support that we otherwise would not have received. I strongly encourage other community hospitals to engage their elected leaders – it could have a real impact on your team’s future.”

– Ray Agnew, Vice President, Hospital and Community Engagement, Glens Falls Hospital, Glens Falls, NY.

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