Case Study

Generating national buzz for a groundbreaking collaboration

A healthcare digital innovation network had a bold ambition: combine the forces of America’s top health systems to transform care for vulnerable populations. The network needed to gain national media coverage to attract potential coalition partners. But with a tight deadline and numerous stakeholders weighing in, including 17 member organizations, we had to define the network’s unique value, articulate its story and get in front of the right audiences.

The Solution

First, we worked with all leaders involved, including health system CEOs and the former head of CMS, to pinpoint the project’s potential impact. We built a persuasive case for the work’s unprecedented impact and a comprehensive media plan.

Weeks before the announcement, we took a suite of newsworthy story ideas to national reporters to gauge interest, and then evolved our media plan to help supplement their coverage.

At launch, we were armed with a plan to generate a real conversation among industry stakeholders. Ensuing stories connected the news to larger trends such as moving to value-based care, addressing social determinants of health and fostering collaboration among providers.

The Results

The client received national media recognition, including substantial coverage from Forbes, Modern Healthcare and POLITICOPro for its work, spurring interest from other providers and potential partners who wanted to join the project.


generating national buzz for a groundbreaking collaboration

The Takeaway

A healthcare digital innovation network needed a surge of media coverage to attract partners and visibility for its trailblazing work. We connected the project launch to a larger story, generating national interest and positioning the initiative for success.


earned media articles


op-eds in major national outlets


new coalition partners recruited