COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Recovery Services for a New Healthcare Era

The COVID-19 crisis has reached a new chapter.

Even as you address the consequences of the pandemic today, tomorrow’s very real challenges demand your attention.

Financial stabilization. Staff morale. Physician distress. Bringing patients back.
With the crush of competing priorities, how do you smartly refocus and succeed?

We can help.

From assessing impact to implementing strategic priorities to navigating the most pressing issues, our team of experienced counselors is helping scores of healthcare clients tackle today’s challenges and get back to business as swiftly as they can.

You need a strategic communications partner living in the issue with you, with no learning curve and solutions to offer.


COVID-19 Response and Recovery

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  • Reopening services
  • Patient acquisition
  • Leveraging progress and advancing new services
  • Advocacy campaigns to secure funding


  • Reorganization, restructuring, strategic plan changes
  • Organizational stabilization
  • Workforce resiliency and engagement
  • Physician alignment and support


  • Employee impact and engagement
  • Physician impact and engagement
  • Patient and consumer confidence
  • Internal communications effectiveness
  • Reputation impact
  • Crisis management effectiveness


  • Preparing to find a partner
  • Readying to buy
  • Divesting