Jarrard Inc. COVID-19 Response

Innovative Opportunities


More transformation has occurred in healthcare delivery since the onset of COVID-19 than it has in the past 10 or even 20 years.

New models of care are being adopted and the use of digital tools has accelerated dramatically. Meaningful provider and caregiver engagement have never been more important.

This fundamental shift in how and where healthcare is being delivered presents a unique opportunity to strengthen your position among the people who matter most to your organization. We can help.

Two areas of opportunity we’re addressing with hospitals and health services companies are:

Digital Assessment and Playbook

Digital communication has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means increased traffic to websites, social channels and online review platforms. Our team can analyze how online conversations are impacting your organization’s reputation, as well as strategies for reigniting online patient acquisition in the wake of the pandemic.

Stabilization Communications and Engagement Strategy

As healthcare providers emerge from the fight at the front lines, re-engaging and focusing on your organization’s strategic priorities will be critical. We can partner with you to thoughtfully develop and implement a strategy that stabilizes your organization and educates and engages your workforce. With an emphasis on honoring physicians and caregivers, our team can engineer an assessment and strategy that builds on resiliency and readies the organization for the future, however reimagined that may be.

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