Jarrard Inc. COVID-19 Response

Media and External Engagement


The world is watching. Hospitals, health systems and the other providers are in the middle of an unprecedented storm.

This is putting you in a position to serve as a voice of authority on THE most important issue today: COVID-19.

How you engage external stakeholders – patients and their families, the media, the general public, elected and regulatory officials, community partners– will define your organization’s reputation for years to come.

We’re helping providers like you craft thought leadership strategies to advance your reputation while managing the flood of media inquiries:

  • Develop messages and delivery strategies to amplify your voice of authority on COVID-19
  • Build a systemic approach to media management and engagement, to ensure the right message is heard and caregivers are recognized as the experts and heroes they are
  • Communicate and engage with elected leaders for funding while laying the groundwork for future assistance
  • And much more

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