Jarrard Inc. COVID-19 Response

Physician and Employee Engagement


They are beyond stressed. Exhausted. Overextended. And, frankly, scared.

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacting an unheard-of toll on caregivers. There’s never been a more critical time to support these brave individuals who risk their lives each day to care for and help others.

We are equipping leaders with strategies and materials to ensure efficient and effective crisis communications and to care for the mental and emotional health of their team. This work includes:

  • Crisis-specific tools that help you communicate, share with and listen to your team. These include training on how to quickly launch tiered escalation huddles, how to effectively round remotely and much more.
  • Caregiver resources that enable physicians and employees communicate better with patients, their families and themselves. We also offer a library of resources to help you care for caregivers. Download a sample on Managing Fear and Anxiety with CARE.
  • Community activation strategies through digital campaigns that mobilize the community resources hospitals need to care for their caregivers. Elements range from developing healthcare heroes campaigns to securing financial support for caregivers to directing critical in-kind community donations.

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