Jarrard Inc. COVID-19 Response

Scenario Plans and Proactive Strategy


Now is the time to start planning for the myriad scenarios your organization may face next.

We’re helping clients make communication decisions and preparing template resources for everything from high-level strategies to specific materials such as talking points, FAQs, board memos, social media statements and more.

To date, scenarios we have developed messaging for include:

  • COVID-19 positive patients and employees
  • COVID-19-related death of a patient/employee
  • Temporary or permanent service closures or consolidations
  • Workforce reductions, layoffs and furloughs
  • Capacity issues related to employees, beds and equipment
  • PPE supply shortages
  • Community activation
  • Physician compensation redesign
  • Testing centers, drive-thru testing and temporary sites
  • Hospital or facility closure
  • Overflow patient service locations
  • Reinstating services and normal operations

Proactive Crisis Communications Preparation

If your organization is still in the initial stages of COVID-19 exposure, we can partner with your team to prepare an overall crisis communications strategy. This work includes:

  • Preparing for a COVID-19 event
  • Managing through a COVID-19 event
  • Post-COVID-19 event reputation repair

In addition, your COVID-19 communication plan will include strategy and supporting materials for three COVID scenarios and training for your leadership to use them.

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