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Spotlight: Digital Coaching

In a mere eight weeks this spring, America vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption, according to McKinsey & Co.

Did your organization?

The challenge is incorporating transformative interactive elements into current strategies within hospitals and healthcare organizations. Healthcare leaders today face a surfeit of options when it comes to investing in digital. That’s where they need a trusted guide to sort through the noise, simplify the complex and help them make high-stakes, expensive decisions with confidence. 

Digital Maturity Survey

How does your organization stack up today when it comes to investing in digital – the tools, the people and the strategy?

A word from our clients:

“I tend to be leery of how much practical insight can come from assessments related to our evolution towards consumer-centered care. This one, though, was surprisingly accurate as a barometer of the current state of our organization as we work to mature.”

– Mitch Holdwick, Trinity Health

online reputation

Online Reputation

Build and deliver a comprehensive report, followed by training, coaching and assistance with execution

digital maturity assessment

Digital Maturity Assessment

Establish maturity quotient and prepare robust report with topline findings and recommendations

patient acquisition

Patient Acquisition

Produce digital strategy to help you find patients and your patients find you, assisting with execution as desired

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