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Do You Get Blockchain? Charlie Martin Does.

Do you get blockchain

Who in the Nashville healthcare mafia can you count on to be focused on (and invested in) something so progressive and innovative, that you – along with most other local investors – aren’t sure what it even is exactly? Two words: Martin Ventures. That innovative something: blockchain technology.

Bona fide healthcare thought leader, veteran investor and self-styled Joshua-Trumpeting-Down-the-Walls-of-Jericho (we agree, by the way) Charlie Martin has emerged as a major and vocal proponent of the technology. That’s a big part of why his Martin Ventures, along with Shanghai-based blockchain VC Fenbushi Capital, recently helped pump $1.85 million into Nashville-based Hashed Health.

Hashed Health, a consortium dedicated to leveraging blockchain to transform the U.S. healthcare system, is led by CEO John Bass, former CEO of InVivoLink (backed by Chicago-based Sandbox Ventures), Executive Director Giles Ward, formerly VP with DSI Renal, and COO Corey Todaro who served as director of research and data analytics with Martin Ventures.

While there are a ton of potential applications for the technology – revenue cycle management, payment reform, medical records, insurance, supply chain logistics, etc. – Hashed Health wants to bring leading industry players into the consortium to accelerate their blockchain innovations by providing a host of services and expertise to facilitate that process. The pitch is low risk/low barrier early-adopter access, exposure and opportunity to a technology that will be “transformational over the next 10 years.”


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