New Investment Firm Nestles

New Investment Firm Nestles Between PE/VC and Friends & Family

A Zen Koan: Can a newly claimed niche still be considered “No Man’s Land”?

As healthcare finance veteran Jeff Villwock puts it, that’s exactly where Lanier Securities is designed to operate – No Man’s Land.



“I’ve heard from other investors, lawyers and executives who all say ‘no one is doing this’,” he tells InsideBaseball of his new firm. “We see a big opportunity to help raise capital for good growth stage companies who are caught in the middle – too big for ‘friends and family’ but still too small for institutional investors.”

Villwock, a former Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst and all around hard ass, brings 40 years of experience in the finance game (some at Nashville-based Harpeth Capital) and has spent the last 25 years focused on healthcare services.

Taking advantage of the new investment flexibility offered by the JOBS Act, Lanier aims to operate in this investment gulf, privately placing debt and equity through the direct solicitation of investors as well as providing some investment banking services as well. The one-year-old Georgia-based boutique financial house’s membership to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) was recently granted. Operations are expected to ramp up soon.

Though Lanier will have a general focus, Villwock hopes to find solid growth stage companies to work with in the healthcare services space, which will obviously place Nashville directly in Lanier’s crosshairs.

Molly Cate