mike Schatzlein

And the Answer Is…

It’s time for some Inside Baseball Jeopardy!

A: He served in the Nixon Administration, was the first thoracic surgeon to perform a heart transplant in Indiana, created a music studio currently operating in Nashville, ran markets for the world’s largest Catholic healthcare system and also one of the biggest for-profit hospital companies, and is now working as an of-counsel advisor to Jarrard Inc.

Q: Who is Dr. Mike Schatzlein?

To reiterate the lead, we’re thrilled to bring Renaissance man Dr. Mike Schatzlein into the Jarrard fold as an of-counsel advisor. He joins other healthcare influencers sharing their wisdom with us, including Susan Alcorn, Rebecca Climer and Tom Johnson.

Given the industry’s desire to engage with physicians in a more meaningful way (that’s a polite way of saying help!) and the overall pace of change, Dr. Mike’s rare combination of industry smarts, political wherewithal (literal and figurative) and physician insights are a powerful addition to our collective counsel. And, his highly opinionated stature and overall snarkiness is icing on the cake. #culturefit

Consistent with his knack for keeping good company with smart people, Dr. Mike is also on the CEO Council for Nashville healthcare private equity firm Council Capital and board chairman of the Center for Medical Interoperability.

Dr. Mike has been a friend of the firm for years. In the trenches, he’s thoughtful and candid, even when the truth is tough to hear. We couldn’t be happier to bring him on board. Promotional consideration provided by Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock.

Molly Cate