JPMorgan 2018

Reading the Tea Leaves at J.P. Morgan

With 30,000 dark suits poised to descend upon San Francisco next week, healthcare’s finest are lining up to showcase the best of their innovation, collective smarts and future strategies. (Yes haters, healthcare does have these moments.)

Last year, post conference, J.P. Morgan head honcho Liz Connelly highlighted seven key takeaways of the conference to a group gathered at Chicago-based innovation hub/healthcare accelerator Matter. And just like this time last year, healthcare is still wildly unpredictable, experiencing a collective time of “unprecedented transformation” (insert sarcastic eye roll here) while regulatory uncertainty looms large (what else would we expect from our government friends?)

So, in the face of so much uncertainty, what’s a fiscally challenged, risk averse and slow-to-progress industry like healthcare to do as we enter another year? Well, pontificate and guess of course.

To get a jump on J.P. Morgan, share some wisdom with us. Below is a five-question poll about the future of healthcare. Share your smarts and we’ll publish the results in the days to come.

We’ll see you there.

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Molly Cate