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The Transparency Report

Our special report helps leaders think proactively about creating a culture of transparency that permeates entire organizations and ultimately reaches interactions with patients. It shares background, best practices and practical tools.

Internal Communications Imperative cover

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Internal Communications Imperative

During this transformative time in healthcare, employees are hungry for clear information. Learn how top communicators at health systems across the country are arming their managers, exploring new tools and engaging employees to improve patient care.

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Patient Experience 2.0

The way providers engage with them and the experience patients have before, during and after their care episodes will become the drivers of patient loyalty, reimbursement and business. Effective PX begins with happy employees and clinicians and spans every patient touch point.

M&A Book David Jarrard 2019

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Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions & Partnerships

Health reform and other market drivers are pushing hospital consolidations to an all-time high, and regulatory scrutiny is rising. As communicators, this presents a challenge. You must protect your organization’s reputation, market position and culture, while sharing the news – internally and externally – in a way that builds culture and casts a vision for the organization’s future. Sound tough? It is.

But, we know how to do this. We wrote the book on it – literally.