High Stakes

A Thanksgiving Vow to Our Designers

Dear Communications and Marketing Professionals,

During this week of Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to acknowledge some of the hardest working people in our department: our designers. Every day, we abuse them. And they (generally) take it with a smile. This week only, keep this list of much-hated phrases next to your computer and vow not to use them.

  • Can you make the logo bigger?
  • Can you “jazz up” this PowerPoint?
  • I’m not sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.
  • I haven’t written the copy yet, but can you just get started and I’ll get it to you later.
  • Can I get something really quick? It’ll only take a second.
  • I have just one more change. I promise it’s the last one.
  • Can we kill the white space?
  • It’s not that blurry. Can’t you just Photoshop it?
  • Do what you think will look best. I trust you.
  • Low res? It looks okay on my screen.
  • Something just doesn’t look right, but I’m not sure what.
  • I want it to be similar but different.
  • Can you make it look more caring?
  • Just grab a stock photo of a doctor. Our doctors aren’t very attractive.
  • Can’t you use the photo I took with my phone?
  • Surely there’s some clip art that will work just fine. (See cool turkey.)

(See cool font.)


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