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Minding Your Peeves and Qs: One Marketer Speaks Out

Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I have many pet peeves – from marketing no-noes to colleague behavior. My boss actually gave me a “My Pet Peeves” journal where I frequently jot down the things that annoy me. And I even have a PowerPoint presentation that I share with new employees at the firm. Here are just a few examples of what’s included there:

  • Emails that just say “thanks”
  • People who wear Bluetooth headsets ALL THE TIME
  • Skinny jeans on any man (except maybe Adam Levine)

As a road warrior, my pet peeves about traveling could fill a suitcase.

But I need to make room for one more. It’s a phrase. Ready for it?

“It was well received.”

I’ve heard it several times recently.

Here’s the context.

How did the joint seminar go? “It was well received.”

Tell me about the report to the board on our internal communications audit. “It was well received.”

What are the results from the recent ad campaign? “It was well received.”

Well received. What does that even mean? Did you get a standing ovation? Did one person give you a thumbs up and tell you good job? Or did 20 people make appointments with your orthopedic surgeons?

When your CEO asks you for ROI on an ad campaign or event or whatever, please don’t tell them, “It was well received.” Give them numbers. Give them response rates. Give them downstream revenue. Give them something more than a platitude. This is your moment to shine, to talk about how your efforts are making a difference for the organization. Seize that opportunity.

I guarantee you’ll get more than a “thanks” email.


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