Jarrard Academy

What is Jarrard Academy?

Our professional development program designed to grow our team in ways that will benefit them and advance the business.

It’s comprised of curated (and organic) resources drawn from the three pillars of growth for the firm.

What are the three pillars?

For a well-rounded content plan, we will provide resources from these three categories that are relevant to the work we do:
1. Healthcare

2. PR/Comms

3. Core Competencies

What kind of resources are we talking about?

We plan to mix it up in terms of resources – from lunch & learns, to articles and books, podcasts and webinars. Some, we will do together. Most of it, will be on-demand access, so you can learn and grow when the time is right for you.

What if I have content ideas?

Please do share content ideas – articles, podcasts, webinars – with Ann Cannon, who can post it to this resource page. The articles we discuss at Staff meetings will also be housed here for future reference.

JA Resources



NY Times Article

Human Design in Healthcare

IDEO Audio chat

Chargemaster, Explained

Modern Healthcare Article

Patient Experience
Modern Healthcare Article

Change Management
HBR Research

Physician Engagement

Advisory Board Video

Physician Engagement
Modern Healthcare Article

Public Relations/Comms

9 Marketing Podcasts

Sword & Script Podcasts

21st Century Strategy Shifts

IABC Webinar

Social Media Best Practices
Lyfe Marketing Blog

Closing the Culture Gap
CMO.com Article

Core Competencies

Body Language Speaks Volumes

TED Talk Video

14 Editing Tips

PR Daily

Emotional Intelligence

Forbes Article

Strategic Thinking

LinkedIn Learning Video

Executive Presence

LinkedIn Learning

Developing Executive Presence
LinkedIn Learning Video

Habits of Genuine Managers
Forbes Article

Influencing Without Authority

Forbes Article

M&A Service Line 

Philosophy, Phases of Work

M&A Case Study

Academic Community

M&A Case Study

Sell-side Rural System

M&A 1 Pager

1 Pager

Staff Meeting Readings

Kaiser Family Foundation

KFF Foundation Poll

Medicare For All

Deep Dive Article

Art of Dialogue

Spectrum Article

Liver Transplant Viral

Grand Rapid News