A Quick Note Following Election Day 2016

Like many of you, I stayed up into the early morning hours watching the election returns. The outcome of the election surprised virtually all of the media, which means all of our social media feeds, TVs and radios will be filled today with a collective postmortem on the election. And, in the days and weeks to come there will be plenty of commentary and predictions about what the outcome means for our country – including the Affordable Care Act, which Trump has vowed to ‘repeal and replace’.

We will certainly be talking about it around the coffee maker and it’s natural for us, particularly after such an intense and emotional election, to wonder what an unexpected outcome like this means for all of us. Your patients and partners may ask you if this will have any effect on the care they receive or the important work you do.

The answer today is that people still need the highest quality of care today just like they did yesterday, and so it is your work to do what you always do – treat people with respect and compassion and provide patients with effective care just as you do every day.  Together we will navigate the paths ahead.


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