Physician Alignment

Physician Alignment

You’ve been concerned about your physicians for years.

Before the pandemic, physician burnout cost the healthcare industry $4.6 billion annually. And the cost to recruit, replace and onboard a single new physician: $1 million. Today, whether fighting to save lives in a charged atmosphere or agonizingly sidelined by shuttered services and fearful for their financial security, the pandemic has only amplified their stress.

From our vantage point working with hospitals and health services companies across America, we see an urgent need for physician engagement and alignment to propel organizations forward.

After all, physician engagement can make or break your healthcare organization. Burnout and disengagement can be serious impediments to achieving your organization’s goals, limiting your ability:


To retain them


To gain referrals

Patient Experience

To provide superior patient experience

Meanwhile, trust in physicians has risen to extraordinary levels. Fact is, physicians are one of your greatest assets as a provider.

With clinical outcomes and financial performance increasingly intertwined, organizations benefit immensely by uniting operational and clinical leadership to elevate your care to new heights. Having a highly engaged medical staff as part of your business team enables you to solve issues that:

Reduce complications

Reduce mortality rates

Reduce readmissions

Reduce lengths of stay

Improve patient experience

We can help you engage.

Our experienced counselors have guided leaders at more than 500 healthcare organization through high-stakes moments, crisis and systemic internal change. We have no learning curve in healthcare, and understand at the differentiators of regional hospitals, academic medical centers, national health systems, large physician practices and provider-focused health-services companies.

Our physician engagement services include:

Take the pulse of your physician group(s) to understand how they are experiencing your organization and to identify opportunities for improvement

Physician Communications and Engagement Strategy

Physician Communications and Engagement Strategy

Develop a comprehensive strategy and tactics informed by your unique business goals to drive deeper engagement

Physician Group Strategy Rollout

Physician Group Strategy Rollout

Implement a vision or overarching strategic plan for your physician group(s)

Physician Group M&A

Physician Group M&A

Gain alignment on medical group (or hospital/system) transactions and post-merger integration specific to medical staff

Navigating Major Change Impacting Medical Staffs

Navigating Major Change Impacting Medical Staffs

Roll out transformative initiatives, such as EMRs or physician compensation redesign that will largely impact physicians

Strategic Positioning of Physician Services

Strategic Positioning of Physician Services

Execute growth acceleration and reputation campaigns to position service lines, institutes and centers of excellence

With each service, you gain a baseline of your physicians’ mindsets – valuable insight into actionable steps you can take to build trust, energy and loyalty – and make healthcare better.

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