Stabilization & Expense Management

Stabilization & Expense Management

There’s no returning to the financial plan that existed before the pandemic.

For many, fiscal recovery requires bold action and thoughtful restructuring to position an organization for the future. It may also include renegotiating with payers or advocacy efforts to secure funding through government sources.

This work transcends numbers: Identifying a suite of changes or paths for funding is the easy part; implementing them without sacrificing trust is the challenge.

To help make this happen, leaders are seeking trusted, experienced partners who understand the complexities they face and can help align organizations through transformative change. Explaining “the why,” gaining buy-in and maintaining the confidence and trust of the team, providers and community are pivotal to success.

We can help.

Our team has extensive experience with and deep understanding of the unique challenges facing academic medical centers, national health systems, regional providers and innovative health services companies. Over our 14 year-history, we’ve worked alongside scores of healthcare organizations to frame and roll out difficult and complex change.

Working Together

Our custom engagement strategies bring to life your stabilization strategy, helping you move through change with aligned leadership, compelling vision and critical communication. We develop a comprehensive plan with short and long-term considerations.

500+ Healthcare Clients in 40+ States

Clear results are:

Improved Financial Performance

Successful Negotiations with Payers

Preparation for Future Challenges

Increased Confidence in Leadership

Based on our experience with stabilization and expense management, we bring:

  • Insight into the human and reputational impact of these decisions
  • Hand-in-hand collaboration with your management consultants or in-house financial analysts
  • Superior, nuanced and authentic communications strategy and consistent drumbeat of deliverables
  • Powerful message development capturing the essence of your vision and context for change
  • Recognition of the importance of culture and of what’s not changing
  • An audience-specific approach, with a keen eye to the human element and emotion of the changes
  • Particular attention to state-of the-state communications with employees and providers, the community and media

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