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As a firm, our Vision guides where we’re going. Our Mission is why we exist. Our Values exemplify who we are at our best.

And JQ guides how we live our values and mission everyday. With JQ, we have a guiding set of behaviors which unites us in expertise. These are living expectations to be learned and mastered continuously as each of us matures in our Jarrard careers.

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Strengths and Opportunities Through Our Values

Need a refresher on the behaviors that pertain to our values?

How does this colleague show the following:

We have a tireless drive and passion for our clients – and we believe our work makes healthcare better. We are entrepreneurs who prize initiative and are quick to jump in and roll up our sleeves. “I want the ball!”
In all things, we are a team. We collaborate and lean on each other’s strengths. We submit our own self interest to do what’s best for the band. Win or lose, we are accountable to each other, the firm and our clients.
With great thoughtfulness, we give our clients and each other our very best counsel. We challenge each other to be better. The Kind Truth calls for true vulnerability and respect both in how we share and how we listen.
We take time to honor each other, the firm and our clients. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like having fun.
We have intellectual curiosity that pushes us to keep learning and to stay ahead of the curve (and our clients). We bring imagination and unexpected ideas to the table.
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