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We focus on the latest headlines that matter most. You read the news. You keep up with the trades. But how do you apply it?

Our healthcare blog and podcast analyze today’s stories and anticipate tomorrow’s themes. It’s actionable insight so valuable for healthcare executives, communicators and marketers that some people print it out for their weekly staff meetings. Yes, really.


Hospital Finances: Ominous Waves for Healthcare Providers

A majority of people say they now believe hospitals are more focused on making money…
Firm News

Jarrard Inc. Adds Renowned Healthcare Communications Executive To Roster

Former Cedars-Sinai CMO joins consultancy as it expands growth, media and digital marketing teams

Healthcare’s Costly Delays

Money – how you talk about it, spend it, your need for it, your intent…

Stormy Weather at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Talk about headwinds. Literally, the weather at last week’s annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in…

Tales from a broken heart

Not that you need another glowing warning light on your dashboard, but payer-provider relationships are…
Firm News

Anne Hancock Toomey Named President of Jarrard Inc.

Anne Hancock Toomey has been named President of Jarrard Inc., one of the nation’s leading…

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