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How We Think: Healthcare Insights for Healthcare Leaders

We hear. We distill. We share. Sharp analysis of what kept you up last night...and will tomorrow.

The Jarrard Perspective

We focus on the latest headlines that matter most. You read the news. You keep up with the trades. But how do you apply it?

Our healthcare blogs and podcasts analyze today’s stories and anticipate tomorrow’s themes. They’re actionable insight so valuable for healthcare executives, communicators and marketers that some people print it out for their weekly staff meetings. Yes, really.


Bursting Your Bubbles

The puzzle is not how healthcare marketers reach everyone all the time. It’s how to…

PE’s Burning Platform: Whether to Speak Out on the Government’s RFI

If you choose to weigh in with a clear, responsible message, consider these ground rules

You’re Killing My Buzz

Our buzzword-stuffed healthcare glossary hinders our industry’s ability to sharply and persuasively tell its story…

Healthcare Private Equity and the Cost of Silence

But despite its ubiquitous presence and momentum, PE rarely reveals itself to tell its story.…

A state legislator is looking to redefine hospitals’ community benefit. We called her to ask why.

IL State Senator Ann Gillespie has introduced a bill to look at hospitals' tax exemption…

BlackCat attack on Change Healthcare: Not your fault, but still your problem

Your patients will never know the mysterious hacker. Or Change Healthcare. But they know you.

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