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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Belonging at Jarrard

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Making healthcare better starts at home. By seeing the world through diverse perspectives, we become better colleagues and counselors committed to advancing DEI and bringing positive change to the industry.


We deeply value diverse ideas and believe that by listening to and learning from different viewpoints, we create a home for our colleagues where everyone is welcome and empowered to thrive. We use our insights and resources to help our clients build better healthcare communities and eliminate disparities in the populations they serve.

Our Firm's DEI Guiding Priciples

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EDUCATE and inform ourselves first. By advancing a culture of inclusion at Jarrard, we bring diverse thinking and proven strategies to our clients.
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BELIEVE in the power of communication to create change.
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BE INTENTIONAL about broadening and learning from the voices we are elevating.
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USE our gifts to make healthcare better for vulnerable populations.
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HEAR what others are saying; it’s more than just listening.
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TAKE a three-pronged approach to our DEI counsel for clients: Action, Perspective and Inclusion.

Share your perspective.

We appreciate insight about trends and opportunities to shape the industry.

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