Erin Beck

Erin Beck

Associate Vice President

A skilled strategist with a keen ability to distill the complex into simple and compelling stories, Erin Beck puts her expertise in communications strategy development and deployment to work for Jarrard Inc.’s National and Academic Health Systems.

Since joining the firm in 2016, Beck has worked in partnership with healthcare executives to navigate high-stakes moments, from mergers and acquisitions to large-scale change initiatives requiring deep alignment and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in partnership communications, change management and issue navigation, as well as a passion for leveraging the power of communications to build engagement and meaningful connections between healthcare providers and their most important stakeholders.

Beck has served healthcare providers ranging from rural community hospitals and private equity-backed health services companies to national and academic health systems. A natural problem-solver, she takes a thoughtful and analytical approach to guiding her clients through change, challenge and opportunity.

A native of West Virginia, Beck has a Bachelor of Science degree in strategic communications from West Virginia University.

Worth Knowing:

  • True crime fanatic
  • WVU fan from birth
  • Nashville restaurant connoisseur