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Join Anne Hancock Toomey, president of Jarrard Inc., as she welcomes Chris Roth, President and CEO of St. Luke’s Health System in Idaho, to the podcast. In this engaging conversation, Roth reflects on his 17-year journey at St. Luke’s and his state-wide tours in his pickup. During his tenure, which has encompassed multiple roles, St. Luke’s evolved from a two-hospital operation to an integrated health system with more than 10 hospitals and myriad other facilities.

Roth shares formative experiences, from watching his mother and her nursing school classmates practice injections on oranges, to his early days as a pharmacy technician. He describes key leadership lessons he’s learned along the way and discusses the importance of culture, psychological safety and authentic leadership. Roth also opens up about balancing family and professional life, the traits of effective leaders and the significance of vulnerability in leadership.

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Episode Highlights

  • 01:13 Overview of Chris Roth’s Journey in Healthcare
  • 02:04 Leadership and Authenticity
  • 04:39 Chris Roth’s Background and Early Influences
  • 10:21 Joining St. Luke’s and Career Progression through the Organization
  • 13:47 Becoming CEO During a Pandemic
  • 16:52 Leadership Philosophy and Challenges
  • 23:38 A Critical Mistake in the Pharmacy
  • 27:40 Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • 29:27 Balancing Family and Career
  • 32:45 Leadership Qualities and Challenges
  • 36:29 Personal Habits and Lightning Round
  • 40:16 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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