Healthcare reputation management: A conversation with Aaron Clifford of Binary Fountain

Your hospital’s reputation is some of your most valuable currency.

You have to monitor it, manage it and maintain it well. Leave it alone and things will be said about your facility that you won’t like. To that end, we recently hosted Aaron Clifford, SVP of Marketing at Binary Fountain, at the Barn for a firm-wide lunch-and-learn. After Clifford’s talk – and some very respectable barbecue – he and our VP of Digital, Reed Smith, sat down to recap some of the highlights.

First off, you have to know where to find your clinic or practice across multiple online directories and then ensure you’re accurately represented. Otherwise, someone looking for you could end up driving to an empty field. And no, that’s not metaphorical.

Renting property can be cheap and easy, but what happens when the owner changes the rules? What should a healthcare marketing department emphasize when it comes to patient reviews and physician information? Those are the questions healthcare providers have to consider when deciding where to focus their online efforts. Here, Clifford and Smith discuss the relative value of “renting property” from third parties (Facebook, Google, etc.), versus “owning” it on your website.

Like every other tool online, online directories have changed over the years, which is just one more thing for healthcare marketers to keep up with to ensure their organization can be found and that the information patients find is accurate. Here, Clifford and Smith talk about the evolution of online reviews for healthcare.

With the rising importance of HCHAPS scores and other modes of patient feedback, even healthcare transactions like hospital mergers & acquisitions can be affected by your online listings. Clifford explains here:

Reed Smith