Healthcare cybersecurity: Myths, marcom’s role, and getting to know your local FBI agent

Do you know your local FBI agent? You should.

So says John Mason, SVP and CIO at Quorum Health. He joined Reed Smith, our VP of Digital Strategy, here at the office to talk about healthcare cybersecurity. Listen to the podcast or check out the videos below.

1. It’s just a matter of time

Sorry to break it to you, but healthcare executives need to know that it’s not if, but when their hospital or health system falls victim to a data breach or other cybersecurity incident. Mason and Smith talk about that and other myths and misconceptions about healthcare cybersecurity.

2. Marketing and Communications’ role in cybersecurity

When a hospital data breach does occur, your marketing and communications teams need to be deeply involved in the response. And they should be involved in preparing for a potential cybersecurity event long before it happens.

3. What’s keeping hospital CIOs up at night?

The internet of things includes a lot of medical devices and healthcare infrastructure. Staying ahead of the hackers is critical.

4. Build relationships before you have a problem

As a hospital or health system leader, you need to know local and federal law enforcement before your facility is breached.

Reed Smith