J|Insights: Have an answer in the 2020 political season

January 1 rolled around and election season kicked off.

Ok, it was already well under way. But with the new year things are ratcheting up and the first primaries are mere weeks away. With the increased scrutiny being placed on hospitals in general, and the many different political approaches to healthcare among the candidates in this cycle, how should healthcare leaders prepare and respond? Our CEO, David Jarrard, has some thoughts.

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David Shifrin: So we’ve rolled it over into a new year. And November is like 30 minutes away and there’s an election. So it’s time to start thinking about what that means for our industry with a lot of debate, a lot of confusion, a lot of angst and potentially anger and a lot of different plans.

Through all that noise, as we enter January, what do healthcare leaders need to be thinking about in the ramp up to the first primaries coming in just a couple of months?

David Jarrard: Well, if they don’t think about it, they need to remember that they have a hundred employees or a thousand employees, or 10,000 employees who are also a hundred or a thousand or 10,000 voters. If they’re not thinking about the presidential election yet, they will be, because they won’t allow it to not be by the media and others.

It’ll be the thing that dominates their Facebook feeds  and the nightly news on an increasing basis as we go through the year. So if the presidential election and the healthcare conversation that comes with it is not on their mind today, it’s going to be. So just to be aware that that dialogue – and the variety of plans and solutions and ideas that come out of people who are looking for votes – is going to be part of the discussion in the cafeterias and in the community meetings that they go to and the city council meetings that they attend. ‘What about?’ ‘What do you think?’ ‘What’s your position on?’ ‘How should we vote on?’ As a leader in healthcare, those questions are going to come your way.

You need to be prepared to answer them even if your answer is, ‘we are a nonpolitical organization, and we live to serve and we will serve in any environment that we’re given.’ That’s an answer.

Maybe the thought today for healthcare leaders is to have one.

David Shifrin