Jarrard Inc. Daily Counsel

How should we help employees use social media effectively?

As an organization, you should review your social media policy annually. It’s even more important now.

A good policy should address brand usage, compliance and legal, employ responsibilities and how to participate appropriately with the brand. Now more than ever, mission-driven employees are taking to social media to voice their perspectives, giving advice and offering looks behind the curtain in ways they’ve never done before.

With employees increasingly participating online due to the pandemic, here are four do’s and don’ts to consider that should make it easier for them to become brand ambassadors – not detractors.

  • Do not make changes to your social media policies or to tell employees they are prohibited from posting about the crisis on social media.
  • Do remind employees of the existing policies. If employees are posting information on social media that is inappropriate, it’s best to address those employees individually, in person if possible.
  • Do remind employees to direct media inquiries to the appropriate contact(s). Remind them about their role to protect patient and co-worker privacy.
  • Do give employees outlets and ways they can help. There’s a huge opportunity for employees to use their social channels for good – sharing accurate, timely information to their friends and family from the hospital in the form of re-sharing approved/posted content.

Takeaway: Our employees are our most significant assets. Encourage them to help by sharing timely and accurate information from the organization’s owned and approved channels. Our people have an opportunity to be the trusted voice for their networks.

Reed Smith