Recasting the future: An in-depth look towards the next era of healthcare

Difficult as it is, now is an important moment for healthcare leaders to begin examining what the future – of the industry and their organization – could look like.

Dr. David Pate, recently retired CEO of St. Luke’s Health System and of counsel at Jarrard Inc., and David Jarrard, go in depth on several topics that will help leaders prepare. It’s an important conversation, as it provides vision about where healthcare providers could be headed along with some very practical advice. These topics include:

  • How lessons from industries other than healthcare can shape providers’ future
  • The transition from fee for service to value-based care
  • What the rise of telehealth during the Covid-19 pandemic means for traditional providers
  • The mindset needed to take risks and implement disruptive change
  • How leaders can help to assuage fear and instill confidence among both staff and patients
  • Questions hospital and health system board members should be asking today

Listen to the whole conversation, and be sure to subscribe using the link above.

David Shifrin