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Social media for providers: Run away or dive in?

Patients are hungry for as much accurate and useful information about the COVID-19 pandemic as they can get their hands on.

Providers, in turn, are poised to use their position of authority and trust to offer that information –and to  do so  in digestible doses. Social media is a practical  and timely  way to  serve as  this source of truth, but the  execution must  be handled with  great  care.

Here are two tips and examples for providers to deftly handle social media at this moment:

  • The power of  live video  cannot be understated right now. Live streaming via Facebook, YouTube and other channels are ways to provide real-time updates  and  engage in a two-way dialogue  with your audience.

Who’s doing this well?  Boston Medical Center  has been posting daily videos  featuring a variety of SMEs who speak to a breadth of topics related to COVID-19.  Leveraging this roster of experts has  allowed them to build a library of shareable resources.

  • While consumer brands are encouraged to limit organic posts and ads on social media during this time, providers should do the opposite. Leverage the opportunity to give thanks and  acknowledge  staff as they  deliver critical care. Battle misinformation with facts. Offer health-related tips.  Patients and team members are following providers’ updates on social now more than ever.

Who’s doing this well?  Michigan Medicine is employing a multi-pronged approach on their  Facebook page  by  sharing  a frequent cadence of  both informational content and stories about  their team members, patients and community initiatives.

Taylar Kobylas