Leadership lessons from 17 workgroups and one nimble academic medical center

Recent events have proven many assumptions wrong.

For example, academic medical centers have a reputation for innovation in education and research, but aren’t necessarily considered to be the most nimble of organizations in terms of operations. Dr. Arick Forrest has shown that doesn’t have to be the case. Forrest is the Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs and President of OSU Physicians at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. Here, he joins Jarrard Inc. CEO David Jarrard to talk about how OSU was able to move quickly and be a nimble organization during COVID-19, and then how that experience is informing the health system’s operations going forward. Topics include:

  • Patient and provider concerns about ramping services back up (for more, be sure to check out our recent consumer survey)
  • Organizational changes to help achieve quick and accurate decision-making
  • Devolving decision-making while maintaining accountability
  • The value of leaders investing time in their teams, even when it doesn’t feel like they have it
  • The astounding rise of telehealth
  • How do changes made during the pandemic evolve into the new era of healthcare?

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David Jarrard