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We may be a divided country, but we are not a divided workplace.

Our political differences are real, but healthcare providers are unified in the mission of caring for people. Two weeks out from a contentious, exhausting election, healthcare CEOs need to bring that urgent message to their organizations. Right now. They cannot allow lingering political tensions to creep into that shared mission and common purpose. Instead, smart CEOs are using their visibility and voice to begin healing any cracks that may have appeared in their workforces.

Healthcare executives should take advantage of our entry into the holiday season and create authentically heartfelt messages of thanks for their teams. Words aren’t everything, but they’re a critical place to start. Here are some thoughts to get you going with yours.

  • We are a divided country. We will not pretend that there aren’t massive political differences among us. Some are elated with the election results, others are terrified.
  • Even so, we are not, and cannot be a divided workplace. We all must stay together to fulfill our mission and to answer our calling.
  • We owe each other respect despite our differences, and we should be kind to each other in the same way that we are kind and caring to all patients.
  • With the world being so uncertain right now, we owe it to each other to create certainty and calmness in the workplace.
  • We know everyone is stressed – it’s a helluva year. We, as leaders, are committed to helping manage that stress by focusing on what we can control. That is, the kindness we show to each other and the care that we deliver to patient.We are asking you to do the same.
  • Questions, concerns, hopes or fears? Tell us. We are here for you. Send us a note/stop by the office.

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