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AI is having a moment.

Ok, a big moment. But what most teams and organizations are trying to figure out is how to best leverage the monumental opportunity the technology provides.

Some consider OpenAI’s ChatGPT and AI platforms a great initial step for basic first drafts. Others think it will overtake marketing and communications jobs completely. Some don’t even want to use it.

The good news: No tool can perform the critical thinking and emotional understanding that’s needed to execute on strategic marketing and communications initiatives.

So, if you’re game to embrace the tech, here are four of the most used – and recent favorite – ways to make the day-to-day work of marketing and communications a bit easier. And a bit more efficient:

  • Personalized responses to online reviews. Long gone are the days when social media managers and reputation management specialists crafted unique responses to every single review left on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Many platforms, like or, are utilizing AI technology to recommend a response based on the individual review. Tip: You still need someone to assess the response and adjust to ensure it doesn’t sound like a bot.
  • Note-taking during video calls. How many times have you referred to your call notes a day later and they make zero sense? Well, there’s an AI platform for that. In fact, they can not only transcribe calls, but also automatically create team to-do’s, analyze speaker performance, connect to your organization’s MarTech stack and so much more.
  • Optimizing online content with the best keywords. MarComm teams who write, edit and publish any content for a website or blog want it fully optimized to drive that desired website traffic. Platforms like SEMrush are integrating patented AI technology – The SEO Writing Assistant – to create opportunities for digital copywriters to better develop highly optimized content.
  • Analyzing digital campaign data. Instead of spending hours inspecting social media analytics, paid search campaign performance, website metrics and more, let AI do the initial heavy lifting for you. First, and foremost: White label all information so no company data, personal information, etc. is anywhere on the data to ensure proper privacy. Then, simply ask ChatGPT to analyze uploaded data and see the trends populate in a matter of minutes. Now all it needs is a human touch to connect the dots and tell the full story.

Author: Meghan McCarthy

Image Credit: Shannon Threadgill

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