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It’s been digital trend after trend in 2023 – from jaw-dropping advancements (hello AI!) to privacy implications impacting every organization. That’s why the sharpest healthcare marketers constantly and nimbly shift their digital budgets and plans to leverage the ever-growing, increasingly complex digital space successfully.

Question is: Are you investing in the right trends?

While we’d all love a shiny, big budget to support all our thrilling – and measurable – digital marketing efforts, there’s only so much cash to throw into new and exciting tactics in search of strategic wins.

We can break it down for you. Here are five digital trends we think are worth the investment in 2024:

  • Utilizing AI to support communication. ChatGPT basically became what Kleenex is to face tissues for AI this year. We’re all still experimenting with the expansive opportunities AI brings to communications and marketing teams. One thing is for sure, it’s not going away, and many of the platforms we use every day are already leveraging AI properties. Allow for experimentation to find use cases that work for your organization.
  • Shifting social media channel priorities. With the addition of Threads, Twitter becoming X and TikTok growing exponentially every day, the traditional way healthcare organizations have been using social media is long gone. Now, patients expect to see behind-the-scenes content, genuine interviews with physicians, and authentic connection points. Our recommendation: Invest in dedicated social media internal/external resources to navigate the growing nuances of these patient-facing channels.
  • Building up cybersecurity and privacy protocols. All industries are getting targeted by cybersecurity attacks, and healthcare systems and organizations are just as vulnerable. Whether it’s ransomware holding up the entire system or patient data becoming exposed, your organization needs high-quality security systems, operations, and online properties to keep everyone safe. If this is not at the top of your budget list, it absolutely should be.
  • Leveraging non-Google analytics platforms. Personalization using online data used to be the way marketing teams segmented audiences. But with stronger privacy laws and stricter HIPAA regulations, it’s time to pivot to more effective long-term strategies. This starts with investing in a compliant analytics platform that takes proper precautions to hide patient data from marketing tactics.
  • Building online presences for C-suite executives. Pitching executives is not a new concept, but creating influencer-like online audiences and communities for your CEO is. Utilize owned channels like podcasts and LinkedIn while pitching media stories and speaking opportunities to get a fully integrated presence. Bonus points if your executives aren’t camera shy and open to doing quick videos for social media.

Not sure where to begin with navigating your digital plan and budget? We can help. Jarrard’s all-encompassing digital assessments can dig into all areas of your digital plan and budget to find optimizations and opportunities to set your team up for success to reach those 2024 business goals.

Author: Meghan McCarthy
Image Credit: Drew Do

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