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Join host Anne Hancock Toomey as she sits down with Pete November, CEO of Ochsner Health, on the inaugural episode of The Backstory podcast. Starting from his early days flipping burgers at Wendy’s, November went through undergrad and law school at the University of Kentucky – where one of his most formative leadership lessons occurred – and began his career as a healthcare attorney specializing in M&A. Moving from private practice to in-house roles, November rose through the ranks to eventually become CEO of Ochsner Health. In this candid conversation, he shares the pivotal moments, influential mentors and personal challenges that shaped his path.

November highlights the importance of authenticity, listening, team building and pursuing the ever-elusive work-life balance. He also dives into the leadership qualities that have guided him, the impact of his career on his family – and his family on his career – and…Saturday lunch.

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Episode Highlights

  • 02:02 Intro and Overview
  • 04:20 Origin Story
  • 06:51 First Job
  • 07:41 Education and Early Career
  • 10:01 Transition to Legal Career
  • 14:16 Going from Private Practice to In-House
  • 24:01 Career at Ochsner
  • 28:36 Work and Career in the Larger Context of Life
  • 30:51 Effective Leadership and Flaws
  • 33:44 Role of Faith
  • 34:36 Lightning Round

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