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Snapshots of recent healthcare events attended by Jarrard Inc.

EVENT: The Attune Summit, hosted by internal communications platform FirstUp, brings together leaders in communications, employee experience, technology and the science of engagement to help companies create digital experiences that work for all their employees.

WHERE: Chicago, Oct 18-20th

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff, collaboration expert & bestselling author Erica Dhawan, Tony nominated actress Lauren Ridloff

CONFERENCE THEME: The Science of Engagement/ Internal Communications

  • First up, a FirstUp update. FirstUp speakers shared where the platform is now as they strive towards integration and streamlining the employee experience. Functioning as a “one-stop shop” for employee information and communication, they plan to roll out experiential journeys for new employees and refined analytics in 2023.
  • Up and coming trends in internal communications. The summit buzzed with talk of the inbound new tech in internal communication. There was discussion about AI integration that would work to bring the right message to the right employees, where they engage the most — mitigating generalized content that floods the inboxes. Also, participants addressed the importance of equipping internal communicators with data to optimize channels, properly segment groups and create a data driven communication plan.
  • Most employees are swimming in communication channels. According to FirstUp data, employees have around 20 minutes per week – aka four minutes per day – to consume company information per week. using an average of about 130 apps or integrations for their job. This makes it ever more important for leaders to be mindful about the messages they send. Moreover, employees prefer short, casual communications.
  • Onboarding can feel like drinking from a fire hose. Atop the sheer volume of daily communications, the onboarding process for newcomers is often overwhelming. The message: Slow down and streamline. FirstUp suggested using email journeys that link back to a single source to slowly trickle information to new hires and avoid having too many links to keep up with.


Three thoughts:

  • As marketing and communication professionals, it’s a good time to evaluate your internal communications plans to make sure they’re reaching the right employees and to determine if your plan is ready for AI-led communication and other upcoming new tech.
  • In terms of cutting through the noise streaming into your employees’ inboxes, think about data tracking as an integral tool. Also, be sure your messages are concise and necessary — your employees like them that way.
  • Pay close attention to your onboarding process. It’s the first impression a new hire has of your corporate culture.
  • The Attune Summit was an ideal space for larger conversations about the way we approach internal communication, and the science behind it. Data is your friend. Be conscious of employee engagement and if you’re leaning towards an employee survey, share the anticipated timeline and next steps to communicate its goals.

— Thomas Barbee, Digital Services AVP, Colie Gutzler, Managing Advisor and Michael Hildebrand, AVP