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Read the takeaways from this important joint report by @HarvardChanSPH, @commonwealthfnd & the @nytimes on the experience of Americans with serious illness. JarrardInc photo

Why patients will be the center of the next revolution in #cancer care. Op-Ed by the leaders of @CountMeInID for the @BostonGlobe. JarrardInc photo

30% of voters say #healthcare is the most important issue when considering who they'll vote for in the #MidtermElections2018. via @KHNews JarrardInc photo

Ahead of the midterm elections, Facebook employees work to fact-check sites that could post fake news. The work, according to a senior fellow at @NewAmerica, "is like bringing a spoon to clear out a pig farm." JarrardInc photo

Why Apple Google, and other big #tech cos are competing to hire cardiologists. #healthcare #leadership story via @chrissyfarr for @CNBC. JarrardInc photo

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