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Our special report helps leaders think proactively about creating a culture of transparency that permeates entire organizations and ultimately reaches interactions with patients. It shares background, best practices and practical tools.

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During this transformative time in healthcare, employees are hungry for clear information. Learn how top communicators at health systems across the country are arming their managers, exploring new tools and engaging employees to improve patient care.

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In the new year, some providers and payers are gearing up for brutal, public fights. Is there a better way? https://t.co/rk5eVflGuM https://t.co/PVbKEBKzWA JarrardInc photo

When payers and provider collaborate, it can improve outcomes for the consumer. https://t.co/rk5eVf45De Read our Q&A with @OscarHealth's Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Dennis Weaver. https://t.co/UkaWjGp9iS JarrardInc photo

Why conversations, as well as surveys, are critical to understanding the minds of your stakeholders. https://t.co/ffesqDqaJo @gkkenny for @HarvardBiz #artofchange https://t.co/qAxJqrBiDY JarrardInc photo

Love hearing Bill Carpenter, former CEO of @LifePointHealth, focus majority of his @NashHCC #LHCNashville exec briefing on the value of culture, fun, and seizing opportunities. https://t.co/INbhScNFJZ JarrardInc photo

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