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Our special report helps leaders think proactively about creating a culture of transparency that permeates entire organizations and ultimately reaches interactions with patients. It shares background, best practices and practical tools.

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During this transformative time in healthcare, employees are hungry for clear information. Learn how top communicators at health systems across the country are arming their managers, exploring new tools and engaging employees to improve patient care.

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Healthcare leaders: We must be architects of a world that doesn't yet exist. https://t.co/u4XdgIEoPd #ArtofChange https://t.co/Dl26mJ0HWR JarrardInc photo

"We are seeing historic—if not unprecedented—change across the entire healthcare landscape,” - @ahahospitals CEO Rick Pollack. https://t.co/iJ50qMQeGN Story by @Slabodkin for @HDMmagazine. https://t.co/g1yny2s80n JarrardInc photo

. @MHGoozner calls for an honest discussion about the root causes of ill health. https://t.co/ZIDRWonxmt

Over the next 12 months, we're working to demystify the #ArtofChange in healthcare. Here's why: https://t.co/EHKqs1MJP0 https://t.co/hGU579fcNf JarrardInc photo

Words so overused/overhyped in healthcare that they now hardly mean anything at all:

— Innovative
— Disruptive
— Revolutionize
— Value-based
— Patient-centered
— Cutting-edge
— Game-changing

Not saying some things aren't. But if everything is, then nothing is.

Our Thinking

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