Launching a company – from mission to story to brand

Physicians, healthcare technology experts and a venture capital firm joined forces to revolutionize community-based oncology. The company would connect oncologists with best practices and provide them negotiation leverage and access to worldwide clinical trials and research. We were brought on to shape the new company’s identity and launch it nationally.


With less than three months to its debut, we worked swiftly to create the compelling story of its founding, its brand identity and the necessary assets for its launch. These deliverables included the company’s name and logo; brand positioning platform; style guide; mission, vision and core beliefs statements; core message platform and FAQs; and encapsulation of its unique story. From there, we developed the website, marketing collateral, leadership profiles and promotional items.

In tandem with the branding work, we developed a comprehensive launch plan. Not only were we introducing the new organization to the public, but we were also kicking off the relationship across the three founding oncology practices and needed to bring along their approximately 2,000 employees and 225 oncology providers in 60 locations. We partnered with practice leadership teams and developed customized communications plans for each one. Those plans became the general template for future affiliating practices. We also produced a comprehensive internal communications plan and rollout playbook, including employee town hall scripts, physician memos, patient communications, media and more.


Working with corporate and physician practice leaders, we orchestrated a precision-timed national rollout of the company, synched with local practice announcements about the new network relationships. A well-placed Op-Ed in a major newspaper set the tone while delineating the company’s innovative mission. Feedback was positive – most importantly – among patients who felt the new relationship would bring more cutting-edge healthcare to their communities.

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National Media

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Rollout Playbook


A new VC-backed oncology company partnered with us to build a full-scale, differentiated brand, story and launch strategy to position the company for success out of the gate.


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