Merging Two Organizations into A Cohesive Digital Footprint


A small healthcare MSO acquired a much larger organization within the same specialty. Both entities possessed strong market identities and needed to somehow merge their brands while retaining their distinct value propositions and reputational value.   


We facilitated a brand audit of both organizations, assessing the market awareness of their company names and the strength of their marketing resources, logos, color palettes, etc. From this process, we concluded that both entities retained strong brand equity and should continue doing business under their respective names, although as a cohesive corporate entity. 

Additionally, the purchased entity had clinics across the country, thus a rebrand at every individual facility would have been costly. At the same time, we realized there was confusion around the parameters of each brand, e.g. “which clinic is which?” 

We built a new, unified website for the merged organizations. It served as the primary source of knowledge about the new corporate entity and the value propositions of each organization. 

The site includes a sophisticated clinic search feature in which every location and its brand affiliation is easily discovered.


With a contemporary design, the revamped website more effectively communicates the entirety of the organization’s narrative. It boasts an advanced layout that simplifies the process for visitors to acquaint themselves with services and explore clinic locations.


engagement rate via search traffic


traffic driven by search, thanks to SEO


clinics organized and searchable via custom clinic finder 

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