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Coronavirus: The One-Year Mark

Full Survey Results

Based on our third national survey, a few opportunities – perhaps even obligations – are clear for healthcare providers:

  • Understand employee concerns, supporting caregivers so they can then educate and support the public they serve.
  • Encourage trusted clinical staff, particularly doctors, to speak on healthcare issues like the vaccine.
  • Look beyond the pandemic to slingshot important initiatives like telehealth and price transparency, cementing trust and improving patient experience.

For more on these insights and the findings from with they are derived, we invite you to download the full survey results below.

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Executive Summary

Two Executive Summary Magazines, one laying on the other, with text that reads "Coronavirus: The One-Year Mark" and an orange bar graph

What does America think about the pandemic and healthcare? There are bright spots for providers and challenges as winter draws to a close.

Our most recent survey shows that now is the time to re-double communications and engagement efforts both inside and out – the public craves the trusted voice of providers in this moment, and exhausted healthcare workers and their families need ongoing support.

Active listening, proactive storytelling and building partnerships will be critical to reaching desired vaccination levels, bolstering employee resiliency and keeping the hard-earned trust of the public that providers enjoy today.

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