Change Management

You’ve made it through the pandemic and are investing to build a strong future for your healthcare organization – a future demanding accelerated change and evolution.

To be successful, your team must see your vision, understand the “why” and be motivated to participate in the journey. Whether you are moving your organization to a new post-pandemic strategy, consolidating newly combined assets or integrating your digital and physical presence in the communities you serve, our proven approach to change management communications has resulted in more than 85 percent employee engagement rates and allows change to happen faster.


Our method empowers an aligned leadership team to tell a compelling story, confidently engage, actively listen and adjust the cadence of change so your organization can absorb, respond and succeed. Through this work, you will:

  • Retain and recruit key talent
  • Accelerate change
  • Energize your workforce
  • Create efficiencies
  • Build confidence in leadership

Case Studies

Creating a clear path forward during major change

Bringing employees on board for big change

Preparing two major systems for successful integration

Boosting engagement by streamlining communications

Putting the human experience back into healthcare

Aligning to modernize the mission while preserving the legacy

Dollars & docs: navigating physician compensation redesign

Revamping a MarComm department to increase effectiveness

Inspiring Insight

The Art of Change captures the heart of our company. It addresses the relationships and the fundamental human dynamic at the core of healthcare. Our Art of Change thought leadership platform is designed to share the best thinking from our firm and among clients and friends about how to master the Art of Change to make healthcare better.

Some recent client engagements addressed:

Post-merger integration

Major operational redesign

Strategic plan launch/implementation

Leadership transition

Patient experience

Internal communications restructuring

Compensation redesign

Mar/Comm & GR department audits

Workforce engagement campaigns

Physician engagement audit and planning

During this transformative time in healthcare, employees are hungry for clear information. Learn how top communicators at health systems across the country are arming their managers, exploring new tools and engaging employees to improve patient care.

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