Establishing a national brand during exponential growth

A physician-led company focused on outpatient opioid addiction treatment had been growing, steadily and successfully, for six years, when the demand for its unique treatment approach and business model skyrocketed, seemingly overnight. The company, backed by a powerful team of investors, was recapitalized and needed to meet ambitious growth and expansion goals. Faced with a challenging regulatory environment and emerging competition, leadership wanted a solid brand strategy and communications plan to drive its trajectory and outcompete others in the market.


First, we conducted an audit of the current brand and market position and worked with leadership to understand where they aimed to take the company. Working alongside the CEO and through conversations with key stakeholders and research on the industry and competitors, we built a roadmap to evolve the culture, brand, marketing and sales efforts and internal communications infrastructure.

Critical to this roadmap was a clear, sophisticated evolution of the company’s brand. Leadership adopted a strong – even edgy – mission, vision and values to serve as a foundation for the larger brand, capturing the spirit of its caregivers and the fight against the disease.

Together we laser-focused resources on the company’s growth drivers – payer contracts, physician recruiting and community partnerships.


At the outset of our work, the company had six facilities in two states. Within 18 months, it opened its 40th center, operated in eight states, completed 110 payer contracts and hit a key milestone of 25,000 patients treated.

The client is on track to be the go-to national player and has achieved its goals while staying true to its core mission.

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Evolved Culture
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Engagement of
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An addiction treatment company needed to evolve to fulfill growth potential. Together we established a strong culture, story and outreach effort to anchor expansion.


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new centers open in 18 months

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