Reinventing an industry pioneer to meet growth potential

A 10-year-old hospitalist company that had pioneered the industry sector felt pressure from investors to hit growth targets. The market was becoming saturated with hospitalist staffing companies, making it harder to cut through the noise and connect with health system buyers and physician recruits. With a new CEO at the helm, it was imperative to chart a course that allowed the company to stand out and expand quickly.


First, we listened. Over 60 days, we conducted a thorough audit that answered key questions about the company’s current market position, business goals for the future, how it stacked up against competitors and what it would take to be the preferred choice for certain health systems and physicians.

We found that while the company charged a premium for its services relative to competitors, its quality and efficiency justified the pricing. Plus, the company’s integral pioneering spirit was attractive to employees and physicians alike – both wanted to be a part of a culture devoted to relentless innovation and leadership in a hot sector. Through our work, leaders were armed with a sharp message and a clear strategy to showcase the company’s strengths. Together, we evolved the culture, brand, materials, sales and recruiting efforts and thought leadership strategy.


The company established itself nationally and in peer circles as the quality leader in the field, leading to 80% topline revenue growth over the three years we worked together to amplify its positioning.

Ultimately, the client achieved its growth goals and merged with a peer competitor to form the nation’s largest private hospitalist company.

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Evolved Culture
and Brand

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Engagement of
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A health services company faced investor pressure to grow in a crowded sector. We helped leaders define unique value and outcompete others in the market.


topline revenue growth over three years

$160 million

in total revenue


private hospitalist company post-merger

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