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Academic Health Systems Practice

Ideation. Innovation. Activation.

Academic health systems are the heart of the nation’s healthcare industry. Their work permeates the medical field — from driving innovation that shapes the future of care, to training the next generation of physicians and nurses, to providing care and fostering community partnerships.

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Leaders of these complex organizations face outsized pressure to fuel progress and ultimately solve healthcare’s looming problems. At the same time, they face financial and operational headwinds of their own.

We understand the unique role academic medical centers play and the wide scope of considerations and challenges they face. We’ve spent years working side-by-side with organizations with the belief that every problem is a chance to evolve, every unexpected change is an opening for innovation and every obstacle is a call to streamline and reimagine.

Our team delivers tailored solutions that empower academic health systems to:

  • Drive growth, maintain alignment and collaborate efficiently during change
  • Create organizational harmony across academic, business and clinical functions
  • Enhance affiliations with healthcare facilities and academic institutions

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