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The industry has never been more chaotic. Companies are jockeying to improve healthcare, muscling their way through a noisy field. They’re under pressure to seize opportunities, grow, reach full potential.

We get this because we’re in the race with them.

For 15 years, we’ve provided strategic communications counsel to more than 400 healthcare companies racing smartly through high-stakes moments. For that, we’ve got quite a track record for helping visionary companies launch, scale, pivot and advance growth goals.

In healthcare, there are unique barriers to change and a short window to capitalize on opportunities. Our Health Services Practice moves with expert speed to help leaders:

Advance growth goals and strategic initiatives

Create a valuable market position to attract talent, financing and sales

Protect the company’s value and reputation in times of crisis

Capture opportunities to truly change healthcare

We don’t just help leaders get the win. We develop a strategy to measure and communicate results with investors and other key stakeholders.

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National Health System Case Studies

A physician-led company focused on outpatient opioid addiction treatment had been growing, steadily and successfully, for six years, when the demand for its unique treatment approach and business model skyrocketed, seemingly overnight. The company, backed by a powerful team of investors, was recapitalized and needed to meet ambitious growth and expansion goals. Faced with a challenging regulatory environment and emerging competition, leadership wanted a solid brand strategy and communications plan to drive its trajectory and outcompete others in the market.


First, we conducted an audit of the current brand and market position and worked with leadership to understand where they aimed to take the company. Working alongside the CEO and through conversations with key stakeholders and research on the industry and competitors, we built a roadmap to evolve the culture, brand, marketing and sales efforts and internal communications infrastructure.

Critical to this roadmap was a clear, sophisticated evolution of the company’s brand. Leadership adopted a strong – even edgy – mission, vision and values to serve as a foundation for the larger brand, capturing the spirit of its caregivers and the fight against the disease.

Together we laser-focused resources on the company’s growth drivers – payer contracts, physician recruiting and community partnerships.


At the outset of our work, the company had six facilities in two states. Within 18 months, it opened its 40th center, operated in eight states, completed 110 payer contracts and hit a key milestone of 25,000 patients treated.

The client is on track to be the go-to national player and has achieved its goals while staying true to its core mission.


A 10-year-old hospitalist company that had pioneered the industry sector felt pressure from investors to hit growth targets. The market was becoming saturated with hospitalist staffing companies, making it harder to cut through the noise and connect with health system buyers and physician recruits. With a new CEO at the helm, it was imperative to chart a course that allowed the company to stand out and expand quickly.


First, we listened. Over 60 days, we conducted a thorough audit that answered key questions about the company’s current market position, business goals for the future, how it stacked up against competitors and what it would take to be the preferred choice for certain health systems and physicians.

We found that while the company charged a premium for its services relative to competitors, its quality and efficiency justified the pricing. Plus, the company’s integral pioneering spirit was attractive to employees and physicians alike – both wanted to be a part of a culture devoted to relentless innovation and leadership in a hot sector. Through our work, leaders were armed with a sharp message and a clear strategy to showcase the company’s strengths. Together, we evolved the culture, brand, materials, sales and recruiting efforts and thought leadership strategy.


The company established itself nationally and in peer circles as the quality leader in the field, leading to 80% topline revenue growth over the three years we worked together to amplify its positioning.

Ultimately, the client achieved its growth goals and merged with a peer competitor to form the nation’s largest private hospitalist company.



A healthcare digital innovation network had a bold ambition: combine the forces of America’s top health systems to transform care for vulnerable populations. The network needed to gain national media coverage to attract potential coalition partners. But with a tight deadline and numerous stakeholders weighing in, including 17 member organizations, we had to define the network’s unique value, articulate its story and get in front of the right audiences. 


First, we worked with all leaders involved, including health system CEOs and the former head of CMS, to pinpoint the project’s potential impact. We built a persuasive case for the work’s unprecedented impact and a comprehensive media plan.

Weeks before the announcement, we took a suite of newsworthy story ideas to national reporters to gauge interest, and then evolved our media plan to help supplement their coverage. 

At launch, we were armed with a plan to generate a real conversation among industry stakeholders. Ensuing stories connected the news to larger trends such as moving to value-based care, addressing social determinants of health and fostering collaboration among providers.


The client received national media recognition, including substantial coverage from Forbes, Modern Healthcare and POLITICOPro for its work, spurring interest from other providers and potential partners who wanted to join the project.